ISSS Webinar: Crisis Management Simulations for Top Management

ISSS Webinar: Crisis Management Simulations for Top Management

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Based on a thesis from the MSc in Cyber Risk Strategy and Governance program at Bocconi University, this session delves into the essential strategies for effective crisis management, with a special focus on cyber crises, highlighting the crucial role of training and simulations for top management. It will cover how to recognize the unique characteristics of cyber crises, assign clear roles and responsibilities, and enhance communication and decision-making under pressure.

The study emphasizes the effectiveness of training, particularly through simulations, in crisis preparation while identifying a gap in existing training products specifically designed for top executives.

The webinar will provide valuable insights into the key elements and design guidelines for developing cyber crisis simulations tailored to equip top managers with the necessary skills to navigate and manage cyber crises effectively.


Silvia Belloni

Silvia Belloni is an Information Security Specialist at Templafy where she is tasked with the implementation, maintenance, and enhancement of the company’s information security posture. She is also part of the Women in Templafy Employee Resource Groups as a culture pillar lead, with the objective of empowering Women across the different departments of the company. In July 2022, she graduated from the MSc in Cyber Risk Strategy and Governance at Bocconi University and Politecnico di Milano with a thesis on crisis management simulations for top management. She also has a Bachelor’s Degree in International Economics and Finance from Bocconi University. During her Bachelor’s Silvia spent a semester at the University of British Columbia. While at university, she moderated the Women in Cyber Series, sponsored by SDA Bocconi and was part of B.Cyber, a student association focused on cybersecurity.


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