ISSS Workshop „OT Security from an OT perspective“

ISSS Workshop „OT Security from an OT perspective“

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Content overview

  • Operational Technology (OT) became more and more the focus of hackers. Is it because it is very often an „easy“ target to deploy ransomware or other malware?
  • For sure, companies are already doing a lot – in many cases driven by the IT-departments. Although it is understood that not all IT-requirements can be applied to the OT-environment – it still does happen.
  • But is it comfortable for IT to apply their security controls to a potential unknown environment. And when IT is accountable for OT-security – when governance is too much tailored for OT, how „comfortable“ is it to have this accountability?
  • It is all about risks – but risk to whom, what and what kind of risk?
  • The workshop provides insights to the situation based on experiences from many enterprises – and how to overcome them from an OT view to support IT in securing the OT-environment
  • Short alignment on the definition for a system being an OT-system or IT-system
  • Accountability for OT-security – who should do it? User stories?
  • Differences between OT and IT – in depth
  • Definitions
  • Risks
  • Answers to „simple“ questions like „..define highly vulnerable system..“, being „hacked“ – and now? How difficult is the answer in the enterprise?
  • Security by design – Safety be design for higher maturity – but how?
  • Resilience strategy – or prevention strategy- what is better for an enterprise?
  • Risk appetite from an enterprise– when „all“ must be protected against everything- can „something“ be protected at all?
  • Risks assessments for the OT environment – what is the best approach?
  • Tailoring IT-focused governance for an OT governance

Delegates will get

  • An insight in a methodology that can address the current situation for
  • Risk analysis methods
  • Ensuring compliance to international standards / industry standards
  • Collecting inventories for OT
  • Definitions of terms – even the definition on its own may solve a lot of potential misunderstandings
  • A different perspective to many topics around OT-security
  • A better understanding in OT-security objectives / strategies

Who should attend?

  • IT and OT-people involved in company security programs / activities around OT-security

Administrative Information

  • Workshop: 8h, classroom
  • The workshop content can be tailored to specific needs / expectations / objectives
  • Slides are in English, classroom language depending on attendees in English or German


Hotel Hilton Zürich Airport, Hohenbuehlstrasse 10, 8152 Opfikon

Participation Fee

Non ISSS-Members CHF 950.00

ISSS Members CHF 850.00

The price includes the workshop, coffee breakes, lunch

Terms & Conditions

  • Cancellations 21 calendar days before the start of the event or in case of no-show, the full costs are to be paid
  • The above mentioned costs are waived if a substitute person participates
  • The written cancellation becomes legally valid only after ISSS has confirmed it in writing
  • If the date of the event is postponed, the same conditions listed above apply


Thomas Sturm

I’m a Senior Technical Expert with a strong background in automation in the pharmaceuticals and chemical industry. I have a strong experience with Process Control Systems (Emerson DeltaV), PLCs, Computer System Validation (CSV), SCADA, Data Integrity, Serialization.
I’m passionate about OT Security – coming from a solid „hands-on“ automation background I‘m being able to translate IT-Security controls to the OT environment. I have demonstrated project panagement skills as discipline lead or project lead in several projects.


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